Visiting rules:

1. Our clients should remember that the MEN'S HOUSE is a place for leisure.

2. Masseuses perform erotic massage and do not provide any sexual favours.

3. The masseuse has a right to stop the erotic massage earlier without refund if our clients do not observe the MEN'S HOUSE visiting rules prohibiting the below:

3.1 Requests and attempts to coerce the ladies to any kind of sexual contact (oral, vaginal or anal), and attempts of penetration and fondling of masseuses’ genitals, face or hair by hands, genitals or any other objects.

3.2 Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You may be denied services depending on the degree of intoxication, or we cannot guarantee your relaxation.

3.3 Attempts to make pictures or video or to bring photo or video cameras.

3.4 Rude verbal or physical treatment of the ladies, as well as requests or proposals to provide any services outside the massage parlor.

4. MEN'S HOUSE parlor provides the service of erotic massage 24 hours a day by appointment.

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