«Thai Relax»

The massage is performed by one or two ladies as you wish. The masseuse will offer you to lie down comfortably on the tatami after a warm shower. This massage will give you not only physical pleasure and relaxation but will charge you with spiritual energy. The massage begins with a therapeutic part, the lady is giving your whole body a massage with hot aromatic oil barely touching your sensitive zones. After that she proceeds with the erotic part of the session. This is when the sensual hands, soft belly and hard hips of the masseuse will bring you to absolute relaxation.

Session duration: 50 minutes

One lady session fee: RUB 2 500



We offer a special opportunity for you to realize your erotic fantasies. Our beautiful ladies will help you by encouraging permitted fondling from your side and showing self-control on their part. You will decide on further course of the session as soon as you stay alone with the girl.

Session duration: 90 minutes

Session fee: RUB 4 000


«Double delight»

This is Thai erotic massage with twice as much eroticism, twice as much tenderness, gentle and passionate touches. “Happy ending” in the final will provoke the volcano of emotions and a storm of delight! For all this you are given even more time.

Session duration: 90 minutes

Session fee: RUB 5 000



Traditional Thai body massage which the lady ends with a release without hands but with her body only.

Session duration: 60 minutes

Session fee: RUB 5 000



«1000 Kisses»

One and a half hours of erotic; the lady covers your entire body with 1000 hot kisses using a special Taoist technique — this is the contrast of sensations. You get unforgettable pleasure from simulating oral sex. The therapeutic part includes royal relaxing lingam massage. This program is created especially for those who know the value of pleasure!

Session duration: 90 minutes

Session fee: RUB 7 000


«Sakura Branch»

Erotic massage “Sakura Branch” will give you new emotions and unforgettable experience! Every cell of your body from head to toe will be given attention. You will receive an unforgettable massage with hot oranges. Hot breath like wind, drops of water from a melting piece of ice, light breeze over all your erogenous zones will immerse you in the fabulous world of unusual sensations. The longer it lasts, the more memorable and enjoyable release will be.

Session duration: 90 minutes

Session fee: RUB 6 000


«Sensual Mix»

Striptease turning into erotic massage with a delicious surprise (the masseuse will lick cream from your erogenous zones), gentle and relaxing massage continued in the Jacuzzi till complete relaxation.

Session duration: 90 minutes

Session fee: RUB 6 500


«Very Important Person»

This is a real erotic cocktail! In this session, our masseuse offers only the most exclusive and provocative techniques for your unlimited relaxations!

Session duration: 90 minutes

Session fee: 1 minute — RUB 90


«Passion Volcano»

This program is created for the most sophisticated clients of our parlor!! It includes an unforgettable private dance, after which you will immerse in the Jacuzzi, and the lady will gently massage your feet and hands with some hand fetish (hand peeling, erotic petting) using the Sari technique (kisses of the internal and external parts of arms). The masseuse will make you relax, and then you are moving to the tatami, where your entire body will be covered with hot passionate kisses. After that, the lady will end the procedure with a release imitating oral sex! In the end she will give you a relaxing massage from top to toe.

Session duration: 120 minutes

Session fee: RUB 9 000


«Moulin Rouge»

This is the most sophisticated program! You will plunge into the world of pleasures with two charming Amazons. They will caress each other during the erotic dance which will continue on the tatami, where the ladies will bring each other to climax with erotic toys and for sure they will not forget about you! The massage and heavy necking of two ladies will surprise you and make you enjoy it.

Session duration: 120 minutes

Session fee: RUB 20000




Twenty-four hours (maximum 6 persons) — RUB 60 000


Additional services:

Session extension (30-45 minutes) — half of the session fee

The second additional relaxation — RUB 1 000

Role-playing game — RUB 2 000

Private dance — RUB 1 500

«Sleep, sweet baby» (no more than 12 hours) — RUB 10 000

Smash-up in the parlor — RUB 2 000 000

Smash-up in one room — RUB 850 000

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